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OSCE Secretary General to visit Lithuania and Estonia

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome\ Vienna, 20.06.2022, 20:42 Uhr
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Rome\ Vienna [ENA] The OSCE Secretary General, Helga Maria Schmid, will visit Lithuania and Estonia from 21 to 22 June for meetings with high-level officials. During the visit, Schmid will discuss the current role of the OSCE in the region particularly in light of the war in Ukraine and its ramifications, as well as perspectives for future engagement. In Lithuania, the Secretary General will meet with President Gitanas Nausėda,

Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, Minister of Environment Simonas Gentvilas, Speaker of the Seimas (the Parliament) Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen and Chair of Committee on Foreign Affairs Laima Liucija Andrikienė. In Estonia, Schmid will meet with President Alar Karis, Acting Foreign Minister and Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Andres Sutt, and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament Marko Mihkelson. The Secretary General will receive the Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana from the President, for services to European security.

The Vilnius authorities in a statement defended themselves in the face of Moscow protests over the Lithuanian blockade of rail transit of a wide range of goods - sanctioned by Brussels - towards the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. Lithuania is consistently implementing EU sanctions, which have different transition periods and deadlines - according to the Vilnius Foreign Ministry.

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